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Sanshodhan Kranti is a Marathi Language Word; meaning of Sanshodhan Kranti is
Research Revolution in English language. Sanshodhan Kranti is a Multidisciplinary
International Research  Journal  working for quality of research in print as well online
form.Sanshodhan Kranti publishes monthly in Marathi, Hindi & English Languages.
All empirical and theoretical research  papers submitted to Sanshodhan Kranti will
be accepted and referred by double - blind peer reviewed processes.The knowledge
come out through Sanshodhan Kranti was generated in society by providing open
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About Sanshodhan Kranti
Sanshodhan Kranti
                                                Multidisciplinary International Research Journal
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ISSN   2321 - 0389 (Print)
ISSN   2321 - 0397  (Online)
Upcoming Event :
2nd Multidisciplinary International Conference